WGNE-28 presentations

D. Terblanche:                       CAS & WWRP matters
T. Hamill:                                Update on Future of THORPEX Data Assimilation Activities 
M. Rixen:                                 WCRP matters
C Jakob:                                    A short update on the WCRP Modeling Advisory Council 
P. Gleckler:                              Climate Model Metrics Panel
T. Jung:                                     WWRP and WCRP Polar Prediction Projects 
M. Tolstykh:                             Recent developments in Numerical Methods
M. Baldauf:                               Recent developments in Numerical Methods — report from PDE’s on the sphere 2012
 F. Rabier, J.N. Thepaut:           Recent developments in Data assimilation
C. Muroi:                                    Recent developments in Ensemble Prediction
T. Hamill:                                   Review of developments in ensemble prediction research for weather-climate 
D. Jackson:                                 SPARC report and discussion
S. Bony:                                      WGCM activities
H. Douville:                                WGSIP activities
F. Vitart:                                      Sub-seasonal prediction project 
D. Waliser:                                 YOTC/MJO-TF and obs4MIPS 
A. Brown:                                   Monsoon prediction – How well are centres doing at various ranges
C. Muroi:                                     TC verification 
Precipitation Verification:     Participants – NCEP — DWD — France — Japan
B. Lapenta, G Dietachmayer:   Recent developments in high-resolution NWP Part I
                                                     High-resolution NWP Part II
C Jakob:                                       Physics of Weather and Climate models workshop report
B. Lapenta:                                 GOVST workshop update
J. Petch:                                       GASS/GCSS/GABLS report and discussion
J. Petch:                                       The grey zone project
M. Best:                                       GLASS report and discussion
V. Balaji:                                      GFDL report 
Session on Aerosols
How important are aerosols for predicting the physical system (NWP, seasonal, climate) as distinct from predicting the aerosols themselves?
How important is atmospheric model quality for air quality forecasting?
Centre activities  
Participants led by S. Freitas – Focus on Aerosol treatment in NWP system, not air quality modelling
Liisa Jalkanen:                            GURME activities  
Angela Benedetti:                     Aerosol and chemical weather forecasts
L. Wilson:                                    Report of JWGV
J.N. Thepaut:                               Verification scores including polar verification 
Participants led by T. Hamill:   Discussion on verification against own analysis
Centre Reports:
BrazilCanadaNCEPJMA,  DWD, 
Science talks:
Serge Planton: Climate activities at Meteo-France including seasonal forecasting
François Bouyssel: Successes and challenges of a seamless development of physical parametrizations
Jean-François Mahfouf: Radar data assimilation