Links to other projects and working groups


csm_ppp_logo_new2_68f64f767c Polar Prediction project  (PPP)

WGNE activities related to YOPP

s2s Subseasonal-to- Seasonal Prediction Project (S2S)


wwrp_big_icon_impact_001 High Impact Weather Project (HIWeather)
 jwgfvr-logo-120  Joint Working Group on  Forecast Verification Research

WGNE activities related to JWGFVR

 wwrp_nav_pdef_003 The working group for Predictability, Dynamics and Ensemble Forecasting  (PDEF)
 daos_small_icon_011 The working group on Data Assimilation & Observing Systems (DAOS)
 nowcasting_mesoscale_000 Nowcasting and Mesoscale Research Working Group  (NMR) 
 wgtmr_logo_small The working group on Tropical Meteorology Research (WGTMR)
logo Stratosphere-troposphere Processes And their Role in Climate (SPARC)


WCRP Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP)
GEWEX Global Land/Atmosphere System Study Panel  (GLASS)
GEWEX Global Atmospheric System Study Panel  (GASS)