WGNE activities related to YOPP

WGNE will support YOPP bycsm_yopp_logo_57c781bf8e

  • Encouraging modelling centres to participate in YOPP.
  • Encouraging, and potentially proposing, model evaluation projects using data from YOPP.
  • Providing a forum to discuss results in the presence of model development and evaluation experts.
  • Providing a communication channel to disseminate results to the wider modelling community.

Regional  emphasis: Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Key deliverables:

  • Modelling data generated by the participating centres
  • Analysis of results based on the above-mentioned modelling data
  • Information on/Links to YOPP on the WGNE website (to be discussed with WMO/WCRP)
  • Co-organization of a workshop (to be discussed with YOPP leads and WGNE members)

Data management:

Contributing modelling centres will be responsible for archiving   their own data, in agreements with the YOPP data strategy. Details  need to be discussed with WGNE members