“Weather Forecasting Factory” by Stephen Conlin, 1986.

Based on the description in Weather Prediction by Numerical Process, by L.F. Richardson, Cambridge University Press, 1922, and on advice from Prof. John Byrne, Trinity College Dublin. Image: ink and water colour, c. 50 x 38.5 cm.© Stephen Conlin 1986. All Rights Reserved.

Painting with zoom facility.

The link and the image were  taken from http://mathsci.ucd.ie/~plynch/Publications/RFFF-WX-02-NoAbs.pdf.  Courtesy  of Dr. Peter Lynch, School of Mathematics&Statistics, UCD.


The Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE) has responsibility for the development of Earth system models for use in weather, climate, water and environmental prediction on all time scales, and diagnosing and resolving shortcomings.  WGNE’s history can be traced back to 1967 when it was formed under Global Atmospheric Research Programme (GARP). In 1985, WGNE evolved under the joint supervision of the Commission for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) and the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) into a group aiding the development of atmospheric models for use across cross-timescales. Following the 2020 WMO Constituent Body Reform, it now reports to the newly established Research Board. 

The purpose of WGNE is to foster collaborative development of models of the Earth system (design, implementation, error diagnosis and model revision) across the full range of temporal and spatial scales.

WGNE is supporting numerical experimentation research activities of the