WGNE34 meeting presentations

DWD, Offenbach, Germany, 24-27 September 2019

24 September  

Sarah Jones, Paolo Ruti, Nanette Lomarda, Estelle de Coning, Julia Keller, Juhyeong Bae, Nathalie Tournier: Catalyzing Innovation in Weather Science: the World Weather Research Programme
Greg Carmichael,Oksana Tarasova: The Global Atmosphere Watch Programme
Detlef Stammer: WCRP review
Michel Rixen: The role of WGNE in light of WMO Reform
Eunha Lim, Abdoulaye Harou: WGNE in the context of GDPFS
Carolyn Reynolds, Keith Williams, Ayrton Zadra: WGNE Systematic Error Survey Results Summary
François Bouyssel,Carolyn Reynolds : Surface Flux Intercomparision: WGNE34 Phase 1 Update
Ariane Frassoni, Angela Benedetti, Frederic Vitart, François Engelbrecht, Georg Grell,Paul Makar: The 2nd Phase of the Aerosol project:
Evaluating the impact of aerosols on Numerical Weather and Subseasonal Prediction
Daniel Klocke, Xubin Zeng, Irina Sandu, Shaocheng Xie, Ian Boutle, Yongkang Xue, Sandrine Bony, Marty Singh: GEWEX Global Atmospheric System Studies (GASS)
Michael Ek, Kirsten Findell: GEWEX/GLASS Panel Project Updates and relevance to WGNE
Keith Williams: WGNE-PDEF Initial tendency intercomparison project
Nils Wedi, Linus Magnusson: Global model comparison. Different models –same initial conditions
Keith Williams for Hannah Christensen: WGNE-PDEF Model Uncertainty Intercomparison Project
Daryl Kleist, Ulrich Löhnert: Data Assimilation and Observing Systems (DAOS)
Peter Düben: Machine learning for weather and climate predictions
Daehyun Kim: WGNE MJO Task Force

25 September  

Paolo Ruti, Sarah Jones: Innovation & Science a milestone in WMO reform
Nils P. Wedi: Atmosphere and ocean scalability and HPC readiness
Keith Williams: Review of machine learning activities in WGNE centres
Tatiana Ilyina: Longer time scale ESM components:Challenges and Opportunities in Carbon Cycle and Chemistry
Simon Dadson: Hydro-JULES. Next generation land-surface and hydrological predictions
Gunilla Svensson: WWRP Polar Prediction Project: Year of Polar Prediction
Michael Riemer: HIWeather (WWRP core project)
Peter Steinle, Rita Roberts: WWRP Working Group on Nowcasting and Mesoscale Research
Angela Benedetti, Frédéric Vitart, Rossana Dragani: The role of aerosols in the predictability at the S2S scale
GüntherZängl: WGNE Computer table
Michael Baldauf: Developments in numerical methods
Nils P. Wedi: Numerics developments at ECMWF
John McCormack: SPARC Report to the Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE)

26 September  

Catherine Senior: CMIP6 update and WGCM Report
Julio Bacmeister: Bias Evolution in CESM2
Elena Astakhova: WGNE Blue Book
Fanglin Yang, Anning Cheng, Jongil Han, Jack Kain, Jesse Meng, Shrinivas Moorthi, Ruiyu Sun, Helin Wei,
Youlong Xia, Rongqian Yang, Valery Yudin, Weizhong Zheng:
Reducing Systematic Biases with Improved Physics in NOAA’s Next Generation Global Prediction System
Julio Bacmeister: ECS and TCS in CESM
Günther Zängl: Reducing systematic errors in DWD’s ICON model
Masashi Ujiie: JMA activities for reducing systematic errors
Laurent Debreu, Nils Wedi, Sibylle Techene, Jaques Sainte-Marie, Julie Deshayes, Florian Lemarie, Sergei Danilov, Alistair Adcroft, Joseph Zhang: COMMODORE benchmarks
Francois Engelbrecht: Numerics of the African-based Earth System Model and key applications
Elena Astakhova, Natalia Chubarova, Rostislav
Fadeev,Dmitrii Gayfulin, Gordey Goyman, Julia Khlestova, Svetlana
Makhnorylova, Alexei Poliukhov, Vladimir Shashkin, Marina
Shatunova, Mikhail Tolstykh, Michael Tsyrulnikov:
Research in numerical modelling at the Hydrometcenter of Russia
Keith Williams: Addressing the cause of large-scale circulation errors in the Met Office global model
Masashi Ujiie for Kei Saitou, Shusuke Nishimoto: WGNE inter-comparison of Tropical Cyclone Track forecast 2017 and potential synergies with WGNE
Caio Coelho, Marion Mittermaier: Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research report
Peter J. Gleckler: Benchmarking simulated precipitation in CMIP class models and potential synergies with WGNE