WGNE33/PDEF joint meeting

WGNE33/PDEF meeting,
JMA, Tokyo, Japan, 9‑12 October 2018

9 October, WGNE session 

Elena Astakhova: WGNE Blue Book
Michael Ek, Gab Abramowitz, Kirsten Findel: Global Land/Atmosphere System Study (GLASS) Brief Overview
Kunio Yoneyama, Chidong Zhang:   Years of the Maritime Continent (YMC) – Current & Future
Junichi Ishida:  WGNE intercomparison of Tropical Cyclone Track forecast 2016
Carolyn Reynolds, François Bouyssel: Surface Flux Intercomparison: Phase 1 Update
Ariane Frassoni, François Engelbrecht, Frederic Vitart, and Angela Benedetti:   Evaluating aerosols impacts on Numerical Weather and Subseasonal Prediction
Julio Bacmeister: A climatological look at precipitation in NWP systems
Günther Zängl:  WGNE Computer table
Daniel Klocke, Xubin Zeng: GASS   Global Atmospheric System Studies
 Steve Woolnough WGNE MJO Task Force

10 October, WGNE/PDEF session 

Paolo Ruti and Estelle de Coning:    World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) — Catalyzing Innovation in Weather, climate and Environmental Sciences
Michel Rixen:   World Climate Research Programme
Ayrton Zadra and Keith Williams:  Report on the 5th WGNE Workshop on Systematic Errors
Mark Rodwell:      Flow-Dependent Error Growth in TIGGE Models
John Methven, Ben Harvey, Leo Saffin,Sue Gray:   Ramifications of observed tropopause errors (learning from NAWDEX)
Hannah Christensen:     Improving stochastic parametrisation schemes using high-resolution model simulations
Christian Jakob:   Building stochastic representation of uncertainty into physical parametrizations
Carolyn Reynolds:    Coarse-graining Experiments
Daniela Domeisen:    The role of the stratosphere in sub-seasonal to seasonal variability and predictability: A report from the SPARC community
Manuel Fuentes:   TIGGE status report
Munehiko Yamaguchi:  Use of TIGGE in Tropical Cyclone Forecasting
Junichi Ishida, Carolyn Reynolds:  Ensemble Operational Configuration, Performance, and Planned Upgrades
Carolyn Reynolds, Junichi Ishida: Current Issues and Challenges in Ensemble Forecasting

11 October, WGNE session 

Peter J. Gleckler: An update on Metrics and Diagnostics as applied to CMIP and their relevance to WGNE
Caio Coelho, Marion Mittermaier:    Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research report
Ariane Frassoni:    Fixing systematic errors at CPTEC
Günther Zängl:    Activities at DWD to reduce systematic errors of the ICON model
Fanglin Yang:    On the Reduction of NCEP GFS Systematic Biases with FV3 Dycore and Advanced Microphysics
Ayrton Zadra:    Activities at CMC to reduce systematic errors in the GEM model
Julio Bacmeister, Cecile Hannay, Andrew Gettelman, Rich Neale:    20th Century temperatures and climate sensitivity in the Community Earth System Model version 2 (CESM2)
Oscar Alves:   The challenges of reducing systematic biases in the Indian Ocean
Francois Engelbrecht, Thando Ndarana, Asmerom Beraki, Johan Malherbe, Yushi Morioka:   Antarctic stratospheric ozone and seasonal predictability over southern Africa
Elena Astakhova (presenter): Mikhail Tolstykh, Rostislav Fadeev,Vladimir Shashkin,Gordey Goyman
Improvement of SL-AV model climate and the impact on medium-range weather forecasts
Francois Bouyssel (presenter): F.Couvreux, R.Honnert  HIGH-TUNE, High-resolution simulations to improve and Tune boundary-layer cloud parameterizations
Nils P. Wedi:  HPC trends and the scalability of atmosphere and ocean models

12 October, WGNE session 

Peter J. Gleckler (presenter): Karl E. Taylor CMIP6 Overview and Status
Andy Elvidge, Irina Sandu, Nils Wedi, Ayrton Zadra, Simon Vosper, Masashi Ujiie, Mikhail Tolstykh, Francois Bouyssel, Anton Beljaars, Souhail Boussetta, Annelize Van Niekerk Constraining the source of significant variation in orographic drag representation in numerical weather prediction: a model orography intercomparison and implications for drag parameterization

12 October, Open session for JMA presentations 

See  Day4 — Open session at http://wgne2018.kishou.go.jp/agenda.html

Additional presentations

Nils Wedi, Martin Janousek, Thomas Haiden. Deterministic (HRES) and ensemble (ENS) verification scores, other centres, SEEPS categories, YOPP.