WGNE-29 presentations

Modelling Activities at CAWCR, 2014
Gary Dietachmayer

Center for Weather Forecasts and Climate Studies — CPTEC/INPE ‐ Brazil
Saulo R. Freitas

Center Report ‐ JMA 2014
Chiashi Muroi

WWRP/WGNE Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research
Beth Ebert, Laurie Wilson

Polar Prediction
Thomas Jung

4th WGNE Workshop on Systematic Errors in Weather and Climate Models
Met Office

WCRP matters and implications for WGNE
C. Jakob on behalf of M. Rixen

A ten‐year future view: emerging challenges and opportunities
Gilbert Brunet

Feedback on CAS-16 and TECO
Deon Terblanche

Report to WGNE: Selected GFDL Research Activities
Gabe Vecchi

The NOAA Operational Numerical Guidance System
Michael Ek

WCRP Working Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction
Adam Scaife, Francisco Doblas-Reyes

WMAC-2 report
John Mitchell and Christian Jakob

Centre report: Recent changes to and plans for the NWP suites of Environment Canada
Ayrton Zadra

Centre report of KMA 
Hoon Park

Met Office Numerical Weather and Climate Prediction: status and plans
Gilbert Brunet

CMA report
Xueshun Shen

Center report DWD
M. Baldauf, G. Zängl, M. Buchhold, C. Schraff

ECMWF Report
J.N. Thépault

Current Issues and Challenges in Ensemble Forecasting
Carolyn Reynolds, Chiashi Muroi, Tom Hamill

Recent activities related to EPS (operational aspects)
Chiashi Muroi and Carolyn Reynolds

Recent Developments in Data Assimilation
Tom Hamill & Jean‐Noël Thépaut

Using atmospheric CO2 for Earth System Model evaluation
Rachel Law

Météo-France report
F. Bouyssel

NCAR (CESM) Center Report
Julio Bacmeister with contributions from David Lawrence, Peter Lauritzen, Richard Neale,
Jadwiga Richter, Cecile Hannay, Kevin Reed, John Truesdale, Michael Wehner, Mark Taylor

Recent Developments in NWP
Carolyn Reynolds, Nancy Baker, James Doyle, Douglas Westphal, Melinda Peng, Simon Chang

Recent developments in Numerical Methods — with a report from the ECMWF annual seminar on recent developments in numerical methods for atmosphere and ocean modelling 2013
M. Baldauf

Forecasting systems in Russia: current status and development
E.Astakhova with contributions of M.Tsyrulnikov, M.Tolstykh, I.Rozinkina, G.Rivin,
D.Kiktev, P.Svirenko, M.Shatunova

Mesoscale NWP developments
Jeanette Onvlee

The CCAM multi-scale variable-resolution modelling system at CSIR
Francois Engelbrecht, Willem Landman and Mary-Jane Bopape

GASS: report to GEWEX SSG
Steve Klein, Jon Petch

WGNE links with the Working Group on Coupled Modeling (WGCM)
Peter J. Gleckler

The Grey Zone Project:
First Case: CONSTRAIN: A cold air outbreak
A WGNE initiative

A. Pier Siebesma

Centre Activities in High-Res NWP
Gary Dietachmayer

WGNE QPF Verification over Japan Sep2012 – Nov2013
Chiashi Muroi

Precipitation verification at DWD
U. Damrath

QPF Skill Scores Over China

The Sub-seasonal to Seasonal (S2S) Prediction Project
Bridging the gap between weather and climate
Frederic Vitart,
Andrew Robertson

WGNE intercomparison of Tropical Cyclone Track forecast 2012
Yoichiro Ota, Kenta Ochi and Takafumi Kanehama

GEWEX Global Land Atmosphere System Study (GLASS)
M. J. Best, J. Santanello, A. Boone, M.Ek

Evaluation of global model precipitation forecast skill using SYNOP data
Thomas Haiden and Jean-Noël Thépaut

WGNE MJO Task Force: Current status and next steps
Matthew Wheeler, Eric Maloney

QPF Verification
Meteo France

QPF verif scores for NCEP and International Models
Ying Lin

WCRP Working Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction
Adam Scaife and Francisco Doblas-Reyes

Evaluating aerosol impacts on Numerical Weather Prediction in an extreme dust event
Samuel Rémy, Angela Benedetti, Miha Razinger, Luke Jones and Thomas Haiden

Evaluating aerosols impacts on Numerical Weather Prediction Update
Saulo Freitas

Drag Project: status report
Ayrton Zadra

Verification of forecasts against analysis — some problems
Ulrich Damrath

Observation-Based Ensemble Spread-Error Relationship
Munehiko Yamaguchi, Simon Lang, Martin Leutbecher, Mark Rodwell, Gabor Radnoti, Niels Bormann and Jean-Noël Thépaut

Verification Against Multiple Analyses
Takafumi Kanehama

Climate model extension of surface drag/momentum budget intercomparison
Verification scores including polar verification
Jean-Noël Thépaut