WGNE36 meeting presentations

On-line only session, 1-4 November 2021
Day 1 Monday 01 Nov 

Research Board and Programmes Update  

Nico Caltabiano:  World Climate Research Programme 
Carolyn Reynolds: Updates from Research Board
Chris Davis: WWRP Update

WGNE and related project updates  

Daniel Klocke, Sandrine Bony: GEWEX Global Atmospheric System Studies (GASS) 
Hannah Christensen: MUMIP: Model Uncertainty – Model Intercomparison Project.
WGNE Update
Linus Magnusson and Ron McTaggart-Cowan:  Global model comparison: DIMOSIC Different models –same initial conditions  
Ariane Frassoni, Angela Benedetti, Frederic Vitart, François Engelbrecht, Georg Grell and Paul Makar: The WGNE Aerosol project: Evaluating the impact of aerosols on Numerical Weather and Subseasonal Prediction 
Fredric Vitart, Andrew W. Robertson: Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project (S2S)
 Elena Astakhova: Update on WGNE Blue Book and Web Site

Day 2 Tuesday 02 Nov

Updates from partner/collaborative groups  

Valéry Masson: Paris Olympics WWRP Project 
Cath Senior : Update on ESMO and WGCM
Gunilla Svensson: Update on PPP and MOSAIC 
Tim Graham, Julie Deshayes, Baylor Fox-Kemper, Andy Moore: Coupled Initialisation
Baylor Fox-Kemper and Julien Le Sommer: CLIVAR
Ocean Model Development Panel Update
 Daryl Kleist : Update from DAOS
Kirsten Findell, Anne Verhoef, Michael Ek : Global Land-Atmosphere System Studies (GLASS) Panel Update.
Amy Butler: Quantifying stratospheric biases and the role of stratosphere-troposphere coupling
in S2S models. A report from the SPARC/SNAP community
Günther Zängl: The way towards global convection-permitting simulations: challenges and  opportunities

Day 3 Wednesday 03 Nov

WGNE topic review (relying on contributions from centers)

Kris Rowe, Mark Govett: WMO Research Board concept note on exascale computing and data
Günther Zängl: WGNE Computer Table 
 Adrian Hines: WMO Research Board concept note on ML/AI
 Peter Bauer: WCRP Digital Earths Lighthouse Activity


 Hiroaki Arai, Masashi Ujiie : WGNE inter-comparison of
Tropical Cyclone Track forecast 2020
Daeyhun Kim: WMO WGNE MJO Task Force
Barbara Casati, Caio Coelho, Thomas Haiden : Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research: Updates and future plans, including process based verification
Min-Seop Ahn,  Peter Gleckler, Christian Jakob, et al.  : A brief update on
Benchmarking Simulated Precipitation in Earth System Models

Day 4 Thursday 04 Nov

Science Presentations  from members 

Elena Astakhova :  Update on NWP activity at the Hydrometcentre of Russia
François Engelbrecht:  Center report
Günther Zängl :  Resolution-dependence of forecast quality in the global ICON model, and resulting plans for a resolution upgrade in  2022
Romain Roehrig et al. : (Two) Ongoing efforts in the French NWP/climate modelling community
Tim Graham, Keir Bovis, Nigel Wood :  Next Generation Modelling Systems (NGMS) Programme
 Nils Wedi :  ECMWF selected highlights 2021
Ariane Frassoni  :   Model development overview at INPE/CPTEC
 Fanglin Yang : NCEP/EMC Update for WGNE-36
 Peter Lauritzen :  Center update for NCAR
 Ron McTaggart-Cowan:  WGNE-36 centre update: Canadian Meteorological Centre
Carolyn Reynolds for William Crawford: U. S. Navy Earth System Prediction
Capability (ESPC) Global Coupled
Subseasonal Forecast System: Overview
and Impacts of Including Analysis
Correction-based Additive Inflation (ACAI)
 Oscar Alves :  Center report
 Masashi Ujiie:  Center report from JMA
Jian Sun:  Recent NWP activities in CMA