WGNE37 meeting presentations

Presentations for the joint sessions will be available from the WGCM-25 webpage 
DAY 1:  Tuesday 8 November  

 Program Updates  (Joint with WGCM)

Cath Senior: ESMO Update
Karen Rosenlof: SPARC update
Chris Davis: WWRP Update
Greg Carmichael: GAW update

 Program Updates  (WGNE only)

Barbara Casati: Scale separation diagnostics and the Symmetric Bounded Efficiency for the inter-comparison of precipitation reanalyses
Francois Engelbrecht: Multi-physics ensembles for operational weather-event attribution
Ron McTaggart-Cowan: Outcomes of the model uncertainty meeting

 Updates from partner/collaborative groups (WGNE only)

Linus Magnusson: Update on DIMOSIC
Carolyn Reynolds: Member survey on ensemble design
Ariane Frassoni:  Update on Aerosol Project
Nild Wedi: Report on the 6th systematic errors workshop
Chris Davis: Paris Olympics WWRP project
Charlotte DeMott: Update on Surface Flux Project/MJO MIP
Masashi Ujiie: TC Verification and initialization overview
Lili Lei: Update from DAOS

DAY 2:  Wednesday 9 November

 Updates of interest to both groups (Joint with WGCM)

Charlotte Demott: MJO-TF update
Daniel Klocke: GASS Update
Mike Ek: GLASS update
Amanda Lynch: RB update
Barbara Casati: JWGFVR: Updates and future plans
Helene Seroussi: CliC Update
Frederic Vitart: S2S Update
Romain Roehrig : Model Uncertainty-MIP
Baylor Fox-Kemper: OMDP Update
Paul Durack: CMIP6 Update (inc. Infrastructure)
Bette Otto-Bliesner: WCRP Safe Landing Climate
Andrew Gettelman: WCRP Digital Earths Lighthouse Activity
Jiwoo Lee: Precipitation benchmarking
Xubin Zeng: WCRP Global Precipitation Experiment-GPEX

DAY 3:  Thursday 10 November

 Science Presentations from WGNE members (WGNE only)

Elena Astakhova :  Update on NWP activity at the Hydrometcenter of Russia
François Engelbrecht:  Center report
Günther Zängl : Recent / ongoing activities in ICON-NWP development 
Romain Roehrig  :  Recent Advances
of the Météo-France global NWP system
Tim Graham:  Center report
 Nils Wedi :  Center report
Ariane Frassoni :   Model development overview at INPE/CPTEC
 Fanglin Yang :  Center report
 Peter Lauritzen :  Center update for NCAR
 Ron McTaggart-Cowan:   Center report
Carolyn Reynolds : Using Analysis Increments for Bias Correction and Model Uncertainty
 Oscar Alves :  Center report
 Masashi Ujiie:  Center report
Jian Sun:  Center report
Fanglin Yang: Member survey of ML/AI uses for model development
Nils Wedi: Member survey on Next-gen/Exascale Computing
François Engelbrecht: Update on S-GDPFS
Andreas Prein: Fixing Biases For Good — The Long, Difficult, and Rewarding Task of Improving km-Scale Climate Models