The 2023 Blue Book, by list of authors

01.Assimilation of atmospheric and land observations. Data impact and sensitivity studies. Methodological advances
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
K.Araki, H.Seko, H.Ishimoto, T.Tajiri, K.Yoshimoto, M.Matsumoto, T.Takeda, Y.Kawano, K.Suzuki, K.NakayamaDevelopment of ground-based microwave radiometer network and monitoring system using 1-dimentional variational techniqueJapan1-03
D. Dutta, A. Routray, J.P. George, V.S. PrasadAssimilation of Indian DWR Radial Velocity in Regional NCUM-R ModelIndia1-05
K.B.R.R. Hari Prasad, A. Routray, S. Dutta, G. M. Mohan, V.S PrasadImplementation of WRF based High Resolution Rapid Refresh system over East Indian RegionIndia1-07
K.NonakaOperational use of Dual-Metop AMVs at high latitudes in JMA’s global NWP systemJapan1-09
J. Purser, M. Rancic, M. PondecaInserting Intermediate Generations in a Multigrid Beta Filter using Offset Diagonal Grids and Characterizing the Analysis ErrorUS1-11
M. Rancic, J. Purser, M. Pondeca, T. Lei, S. YokotaCalibration of the Multigrid Beta Filter for Application in GSI and JEDIUS1-13
S.I. Rani, V. S. Prasad, J.P. GeorgeSatellite Microwave instruments in the low earth inclined orbits for NWP: Contribution from IndiaIndia1-15
A. Routray, D.Dutta, J.P. George, V.S. PrasadHigh Resolution Rapid Refresh Data Assimilation System at NCMRWF (India) for Convection Permitting ModelsIndia1-17
A.Routray, A.Lodh, D. Dutta, J.P. GeorgeSoil Moisture Assimilation for Regional NCUM-R Model and its BenefitsIndia1-19
H.Seko, Y.Ikuta, H.Ishimoto, K.Araki, T.Sakai, K,Yoshimoto, T.Nakamura, S.ShimizuData Assimilation Experiments of Ground-based Microwave Radiometer and small UAV by using Meso-NAPEXJapan1-21
H.ShimizuOperational use of hyper spectral infrared sounder radiance data in JMA’s meso-scale NWP systemJapan1-23
R.Toguchi, T.IriguchiOperational Use of Surface Humidity Observations in JMA's Mesoscale NWP SystemsJapan1-25
X. Wu, K. Wu, V. Tallapragada, F.M. RalphThe Impact of Dropsonde Data on GFS Forecasts from 2022-2023 Atmospheric River ReconnaissanceUS1-27

02.Data sets, diagnostic and dynamical investigations, statistical post-processing, reanalysis,and associated studies
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
I.V. ChernykhSpatiotemporal structure of the first- and second-order trends in air temperature in the 0-30-km atmospheric layer for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres from radiosonde dataRussia2-03
I.Gorlach, A.ShishovDeep convection and intense precipitation detection using geostationary weather satellite data: a case study of air-mass and concealed frontal convectionRussia2-05
K.N. Kumar, S. Kaur, S. Singh, M.S. Thota, R. Ashrit, A. K. Mitra ,V. S. PrasadStatistical Bias Correction of NCMRWF Unified Model Precipitation Forecasts Based on Quantile Mapping MethodsIndia2-07
B.K. Mahala, B.K. Nayak, P.K. MohantyTropical cyclone activity in the Bay of Bengal during ENSO-IOD eventsIndia2-09
S. K. MandkeLarge-scale features of active and break phases during Indian summer monsoon 2022India2-11
S. K. MandkeThe association of West Pacific subtropical high variability with the Indian summer monsoon 2022India2-13
I.I.Mokhov, N.N. MedvedevAmplitude-frequency characteristics of Equatorial Atlantic Mode variations from long-term observationsRussia2-15
I.I. Mokhov, A.O. NyrovCoherence of the Antarctic ice core data from the Vostok station and EPICARussia2-17
I.I.Mokhov, A.V. TimazhevFrequency of winter atmospheric blockings in the Northern Hemisphere in different phases of El Nino, AMO and PDORussia2-19
A. Prabhu, S. K. Mandke, G. PandithuraiLow-level Cloud trends and its relationship with Indian Summer MonsoonIndia2-21
A. Prabhu, G. PandithuraiEvolution of wind patterns over the tropical summer monsoon region influenced by wintertime southern annular mode in the recent decadesIndia2-23
V.S. Prasad, U.SahaStudy of Extreme Weather Events over India using NCMRWF Global ReanalysisIndia2-25
S. I. Rani, J. P. GeorgeIMDAA high resolution regional reanalysis for the Indian monsoon regionIndia2-27
M.S.Thota, R. Ashrit, K. N. Kumar, A.J. Kumar, S. Mohandas, V. S. PrasadRepresentation of moist processes in NCUM operational forecasts during boreal summer monsoon over IndiaIndia2-29

03.Computational studies including new techniques, parallel processing, GPUs. Effects of model resolution
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
V.Gordin, G.ZhukovaCompact finite-difference schemes for quasi-linear conservation lawsRussia3-03

04.Parameterization of atmospheric and surface processes, effects of different physical parameterizations
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
Z.N. BegumNumerical Atmospheric Model Findings relevant to Solar Terrestrial Energy System and Global ClimateIndia4-03
B.K. Mahala, K.L. Xalxo, P.K. Mohanty, A.Routray, S.K. MisraPerformance Assessment of WRF Parameterization Schemes on Simulation of Tropical CycloneIndia4-05
R. Sun, F. Yang, S.Y. Hong, J.W. Bao, J. Han, E. Aligo, A. Cheng, G. Thompson, J. Dong, Q. LiuThompson Microphysics Updates in the Unified Forecast SystemUS4-07
W. Wang, B. Liu, Z. ZhangFurther Improving Intensity Forecast of Tropical Cyclones in the NCEP Operational HAFS ModelUS4-09
K.L.Xalxo, B.K. Mahala,P.K. Mohanty, A.Routray, B.B. MishraEvaluation of Radiation Parameterization Schemes on Simulation of Tropical CycloneIndia4-11
Y.Yamasaki, H.KusabirakiImproving the representation of topographic effects in JMA's regional NWP modelJapan4-13
W. Zheng, J. Han, M. Barlage, F. Yang, H. WeiCase Study of Low Convective Available Potential Energy Bias in the United Forecast SystemUS4-15

05.Development of and studies with regional and convective-scale atmospheric models and ensembles
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
A. Jayakumar, S. Mohandas, T.J. Anurose, V.S.PrasadOperational Convective-Scale Numerical weather prediction model and high resolution city scale model at NCMRWFIndia5-03
D. Blinov, A. Revokatova, I. Rozinkina, G. RivinScores of Initial Data for Limited-Area Modeling System COSMO-Ru from GME/ICON Global systems during 2012-2022 years: evaluation and peculiaritiesRussia5-05
J.R. Carley, M.E. Pyle, C.R. Alexander, S. WeygandtOn the Development of NOAA’s Rapid Refresh Forecast SystemUS5-07
A. Hashimoto, R. MisumiNumerical simulations of a warm rain event observed in Tokyo, JapanJapan5-09
H.Kawada, T.Kakehata, K.KawanoImplementation of the SPPT scheme in JMA's Mesoscale Ensemble Prediction SystemJapan5-11
A.Revokatova, M. Nikitin, G. Rivin, I. Rozinkina, D. Blinov, E. TatarinovichAssessment of the impact of a modified sea ice edge on the forecast and development of polar lows: simulation of the case-study using the ICON modelRussia5-13
K. Wu, X. Wu, V. Tallapragada, F.M. RalphAtmospheric River Analysis and Forecast System (AR-AFS): Sensitivity of Precipitation Forecasts in the U.S. West Coast to Microphysics and PBL ParameterizationsUS5-15

06.Developments in global forecast models, case studies, predictability investigations, global ensembles
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
A MamgainGlobal and Regional EPSs in simulating extremely severe tropical cyclonic storm FANI in a unified modeling frameworkIndia6-03
T.Kanehama, H.Yonehara, M.UjiieThe impact of a high-accuracy high-resolution digital elevation model on numerical weather predictionsJapan6-05
S.Kumar,A.G. Prajeesh , R. Phani, K. Roy, M.Ganai, T. Goswami, P. MukhopadhyayDevelopment of a High-Resolution Global Forecast System Model with a Triangular Cubic Octahedral GridIndia6-07
I.I. MokhovPredictability of climatе anomalies in the North Eurasian regions during the spring-summer months in relation to El Niño: A case study for 2023Russia6-09
Y. Ota, J. Chiba, Y. Ichikawa, H. Oashi, T. Takakura, H. YamaguchiUpgrade of JMA's Global Ensemble Prediction SystemJapan6-11
H.Yamaguchi, J.Chiba, Y.Ichikawa, T.TakakuraHindcast verification of JMA's GEPS for one-month prediction with a globally expanded two-tiered sea surface temperature approachJapan6-13
H.Yonehara, Y.Kuroki, M.Ujiie, C.Matsukawa, T.Kanehama, R.Nagasawa, K.Ochi, M.Higuchi, Y.Ichikawa, R.Sekiguchi, S.HiraharaUpgrade of JMA’s Operational Global Numerical Weather Prediction SystemJapan6-15

07.Global and regional climate models, sensitivity and impact experiments, response to external forcing, monthly and seasonal forecasting
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
M.M. Arzhanov, I.I. Mokhov, M. ParfenovaBayesian estimates of snow cover characteristics in Eurasia based on simulations with an ensemble of climate modelsRussia7-03
M. ArzhanovEstimates of methane emissions from wet ecosystems of Western Siberia in the mid-HoloceneRussia7-05
A. Cheng, F. Yang, S. MoorthiAerosol Indirect Effects in UFS from Global Cloud Permitting SimulationsUS7-07
A.Chernokulsky, A.Narizhnaya, I.Mokhov, A.RinkeCharacteristics of clouds in the Arctic Ocean: Comparison of Arctic-CORDEX regional model’s data with satellite observationsRussia7-09
V.Malakhova, I.Mokhov, M. ArzhanovModel estimates of the process of complete permafrost degradation under warming in the region of the Yamal PeninsulaRussia7-11
I.I.Mokhov, A.M. Osipov, A.V. ChernokulskyAtmospheric centers of action over oceans in the Southern Hemisphere: Possible changes in the 21st century from CMIP6 model simulationsRussia7-13
I.I.Mokhov, N.N. Medvedev, A.V. TimazhevChanges in coherence between different types of El-Nino from observations and model simulationsRussia7-15
A.Narizhnaya, A.Chernokulsky, D. HandorfCold air outbreaks in the Barents Sea: dependence on sea-ice based on ECHAM6 model simulationsRussia7-17

08.Development of and advances in ocean, sea-ice, and wave modelling and data assimilation
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
M.Hirabara, H.Asai, N.UsuiImprovement in JMA’s Ocean Data Assimilation and Prediction System for the Seas Around Japan (JPN system)Japan8-03
X. Liu, A. Mehra, G. Vernieres, D. Kleist, H.C. Kim, E. Bayler, T. Sluka, S. PaturiOcean Color Data Assimilation and Coupled Ocean Physical-biogeochemical Reanalysis Efforts at NOAA/NCEPUS8-05
А. А. Zelenko, Yu. D. ResnyanskiiComplex System of the Wind Waves Forecasting in the World Ocean and the Seas of RussiaRussia8-07

09.Development of and studies with coupled and Earth system models and data assimilation systems
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
S.N.Denisov, I.I.MokhovNatural CO2 fluxes in Russia in the 21st century and their contribution to climate change: Multimodel estimatesRussia9-03
A.Kamada, H.Yamaguchi, M.KajinoDomain expansion and nudging method of JMA's Local Chemical Transport ModelJapan9-05
K.N.Kumar, A.Gupta, I.M. Momin, A.K. Mishra, R. Ashrit, A.K. Mitra,V.S. PrasadImplementation of subseasonal drought monitoring from NCMRWF Extended Range Prediction SystemIndia9-07
Sumit Kumar, I.M. Momin, J.P. GeorgeCoupled global Numerical Weather Prediction System at NCMRWF (India) for medium range weather forecast.India9-09
E.VolodinActivities of Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics (INM RAS) in climate modellingRussia9-12
A.WadaThe impact of ocean coupling on the track simulation of Typhoon Nanmadol (2022)Japan9-14
A. Wada, W. Yanase, S. TsujinoThe impact of ocean coupling on the rainfall distribution of Typhoon Nanmadol (2022) at the landfallJapan9-16
A. Wada, W. Yanase, S. TsujinoThe impact of ocean coupling on the genesis of Typhoon Songda (2022) simulated by two atmosphere-ocean coupled modelsJapan9-18

10.Forecast verification: methods and studies
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
B.Casati, C.Lussana, A.CrespiScale-separation diagnostics and the Symmetric Bounded Efficiency for the inter-comparison of gridded products with different spatial resolutionsCanada10-03
T. Hertneky, T. Jensen, and M. EricksonMethods for Evaluating High Impact Hydrometeorological Features using METplusUSA10-05
T. Jensen, J. Opatz, C. Kalb, D. Adriaansen, K. Newman, M. Harrold, M. Biswas, T. Hertneky, W. Mayfield, W. Li, B. Nelson, J. Vigh, M. Smith, J. English, L. Nance, B. Brown, M. EkMETplus Verification and Diagnostics Framework for Model Evaluation Across ScalesUSA10-07
C. Kalb, D. Miller, M. Gehne, Z. Wang, M. Win-Gildenmeister, G. McCabe, H. Fisher, T. Jensen, W. LiAdvances in METplus Verification for Subseasonal to Seasonal Model EvaluationUSA10-09
A.Kirsanov, A.Bundel, M.Tarasova, E.Astakhova, J.ShuvalovaUsing METplus for verification of COSMO-Ru/ICON modelling systemRussia10-11