WGNE30 presentations

Building a Weather-Ready Nation
Louis W. Uccellini

National Centers for Environmental Prediction: Building a Weather-Ready Nation
William M. Lapenta

Comments on the History of the Working Group on Numerical Experimentation
W. Lawrence Gates

Commission for Atmospheric Science
Paolo Ruti

World Weather Research Programme (WWRP)
Paolo Ruti

WCRP Matters and Implications for WGNE
Michel Rixen

Global Atmosphere Watch – Opportunities for Fostering Enhanced Collaborations with WWRP/WCRP/WGNE
Greg Carmichael

World Weather Open Science Conference (WWOSC)
Paolo Ruti

WGRC Expert Meeting on Climate Information Distillation, Santander 2014
Some notes from the meeting and its relevance to WGNE
François Engelbrecht

Symposium on Coupled Chemistry — Meteorology/Climate Modelling 
Status and Relevance for Numerical Weather Prediction, Air Quality and Climate Research
(WMO Headquarters, Geneva, 23-25 February 2015)
Saulo Freitas

Predictability, Dynamics and Ensemble Forecasting (PDEF)Working Group
Craig Bishop

SPARC Report and WGNE Role
Quentin Errera

Data Assimilation and Observing Systems Working Group Report
Tom Hamill, Carla Cardinali and other members

Current Issues and Challenges in Ensemble Forecasting
Carolyn Reynolds, Junichi Ishida

Recent Activities related to EPS (operational aspects)
Junichi Ishida and Carolyn Reynolds

Recent Developments in Numerical Methods — with a report from the «PDEs on the sphere», April 2014, Boulder
Michael Baldauf

Update of CPTEC activities: 2014-2015
Saulo R. Freitas

Centre report: Recent changes to and plans for the NWP suites of Environment Canada
Ayrton Zadra

Center Report — JMA 2015
Junichi Ishida and colleagues at JMA

DWD report
Michael Baldauf, Günther Zängl, Michael Buchhold, Roland Potthast

The NOAA Operational Numerical Guidance System
Michael Ek

Météo-France report
François Bouyssel

CMA report
Jian Sun

Forecasting systems in Russia: current status and development
E. Astakhova

Recent Developments in Navy NWP
Carolyn Reynolds, Nancy Baker, James Doyle, Douglas Westphal, Liang Xu, Melinda Peng

NCAR (CESM) Center Report
Richard Neale, Bette Otto-Bliesner, Cecile Hannay, Sungsu Park, Andrew Gettelman, Peter Lauritzen, Vincent Larson, Kevin Reed

NWP and Seasonal Forecasting at the Bureau of Meteorology
Oscar Alves

Met Office centre report
Keith Williams

Development of the Atmospheric Component of the Next Generation GFDL Climate Model
Ming Zhao, Chris Golaz, Isaac Held and the entire GFDL Model Development Team (MDT)

Working Group on Nowcasting Mesoscale Research WGNE Meeting
Paul Joe, Jeanette Onvlee-Hooimeijer

Recent developments in high-resolution NWP
Michael Baldauf

WWRP Polar Prediction Project (2013-2022)
Thomas Jung

WGNE report: recent developments in physical parametrizations
François Bouyssel and Ayrton Zadra

Recent developments in physical parameterizations

Systematic Errors Discussion
Keith Williams

Navy Sponsored Research Contributing to the U.S. National Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC) Partnership
Daniel Eleuterio, Melinda Peng, Gregg Jacobs, James Richman, Tim Whitcomb and Carolyn Reynolds

The NCEP Production Suite — Science presentation
Hendrik L. Tolman

GODAE OceanView and its Coupled Prediction Task Team
Hal Ritchie

WGNE MJO Task Force: Current Activities and Next Steps
Jon Gottschalck on behalf of the WGNE MJO Task Force

Evaluating aerosols impacts on Numerical Weather Prediction: 3rd report
Saulo Freitas

ECMWF Status Report 2015
Jean Noël Thépaut

Center Report from KMA — Forecasting System Operation & Research
Dong-Joon Kim

Drag project report
Ayrton Zadra

Drag project: part 2
Contributions from SPARC, QBOi, ISSI

World Weather Research Program: High Impact Weather
Paolo Ruti, Brian Golding
Verification scores including polar verification
Jean Noël Thépaut

WWRP/WGNE Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research
Marion Mittermaier, Laurie Wilson

WGNE Intercomparison of Tropical Cyclone Track Forecast, 2013
Yoichiro Ota, Takahiro Ito, Akira Shimokobe and Munehiko Yamaguchi

Precipitation Verification
Contributions from: CMA, DWD, ECMWF, JMA, MF, NCEP, RHMC, UKMO

An update on CMIP and the WGCM/WGNE Metrics Panel
Peter J. Gleckler

GASS: Report to WGNE – including grey-zone project update
Jon Petch and Steve Klein

GEWEX Global Land Atmosphere System Study (GLASS): Update at WGNE-30
Michael Ek, Aaron Boone, GLASS panel members and other GEWEX collaborators

The Sub-seasonal to Seasonal (S2S) Prediction Project “Bridging the gap between weather and climate”
Frédéric Vitart, Andrew Robertson

Selected Activities Overseen by the WDAC
M. Bosilovich, O. Brown, V. Eyring, R. Ferraro, P. Gleckler, R. Joseph, J. PoQer, M. Rixen, J‐N. Thepaut, D. Waliser


Rein Haarsma, M. Roberts

HighResMIP: Questions and possible lessons from CAM 25 km
C. Hannay, J. Truesdale, N. Rosenbloom, S. Bates, P. Lawrence, K. Reed, M. Wehner

K. Williams, S. Klein, D. Williamson, C. Jakob and C. Senior

WCRP Working Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction
Adam Scaife & Francisco Doblas-Reyes