WGNE35 meeting presentations

On-line only session, 2-5 November 2020 Day 1 Monday 02 Nov

Research Board and Programmes Update  

b. Carolyn Reynolds, Keith Williams, Michel Rixen: World Climate Research Programme: Update on strategy and implementation
c. Keith Williams: Research Board Activities
d. Keith Williams: Feedback from WWRP SSC

WGNE and related project updates  

e. Ariane Frassoni, Angela Benedetti, Frederic Vitart, François Engelbrecht, Georg Grell and Paul Makart: WGNE-S2S-GAW Aerosol project: Evaluating the impact of aerosols on Numerical Weather and Subseasonal Prediction
f. Daniel Klocke, Xubin Zhang: GEWEX Global Atmospheric System Studies (GASS)
g. Hannah Christensen: Model Uncertainty Intercomparison Project. WGNE Update 
h. Charlotte DeMott: Surface flux diagnostics
i. Charlotte DeMott, Daehyun Kim: WGNE MJO Task Force 
j. Elena Astakhova: WGNE Blue Book

Day 2 Tuesday 03 Nov

WGNE topic Review  

a. Nils Wedi: Atmosphere and ocean scalability and HPC readiness-2020
b. Günther Zängl: WGNE computer table
c. Keith Williams: Review of Machine Learning Activities for model development
d. Carolyn Reynolds: WGNE35 Ensemble Overview


e. Masashi Ujiie: WGNE inter-comparison of Tropical Cyclone Track forecast 2018-2019
f. Caio Coelho, Marion Mittermaier: Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research report
g. Peter Gleckler etal : Benchmarking Simulated Precipitation in Earth System Models

Day 3 Wednesday 04 Nov

Updates from partner/collaborative groups  

a. Cath Senior, Greg Flato : WGCM and CMIP update
b. Thomas Jung : Polar Prediction Project (PPP). The Year of Polar Prediction and MOSAiC
c. Daryl Kleist, Ulrich Löhnert : Update from Data Assimilation and Observing Systems (DAOS)
d. Baylor Fox-Kemper and Julien Le Sommer : CLIVAR Ocean Model Development Panel (Prev. WGOMD)
e. Mike Ek, Kirsten Findell,  Anne Verhoef: Global Land-Atmosphere System Studies (GLASS) Panel: Brief Update
f. John McCormack and Quentin Errera: SPARC Report to the Working Group on  Numerical Experimentation (WGNE) 

Day 4 Thursday 05 Nov

Science Presentations  

a.  Linus Magnusson: DIMOSIC (DIfferent Models -Same Initial Conditions)
b. Tim Graham, Dan Copsey, Chris Harris, Tim Johns, Rick Rawlins, Ann Shelley, Livia Thorpe, Michael Vellinga:  The development of coupled NWP forecasting at the Met Office
c. Peter Lauritzen : Dynamical Cores in the
Community Earth System Model (CESM) 
d. Jadwiga Richter and Julio Bacmeister : S2S Prediction with CESM and Estimates of Error Growth
e. Fanglin Yang: Building a Community-Based Unified Forecast System