The 2017 Blue Book, by list of authors

01.Assimilation of atmospheric and land observations. Data impact and sensitivity studies. Methodological advances
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
K. Araki, M. Murakami, A. Hashimoto, T. TajiriReal-Time analysis of atmospheric thermodynamic conditions based on 1DVAR method using ground-based microwave radiometer dataJapan
S.Benjamin, M.Hu, C.Alexander, D.Dowell, H.Lin, T.Ladwig, E.James, S.Weygandt, T.Smirnova, J.KenyonHourly assimilation including radar, cloud, and surface observations in the NOAA 3km HRRR and 13km RAP models also with land-atmospheric coupled assimilationUnited States
L. Berre, E. Arbogast, B. Ménétrier, G. DesroziersChange of variable applied to mass and wind fields for covariance localisationFrance
T.-C. Chen, E. Kalnay, D. HottaUse of EFSO for online data assimilation quality monitoring and proactive quality controlUnited States
R. El Ouaraini, L. Berre, C. FischerDiagnosis of some error contributions in global and regional data assimilation cyclingMorocco
Y. Hirahara, T. Egawa, M. KazumoriOperational use of Suomi NPP ATMS radiance data in JMA’s global NWP systemJapan
Y. Hirahara, H. Owada, M. MoriyaAssimilation of GNSS RO data into JMA’s mesoscale NWP SystemJapan
N. Kamekawa, M. KazumoriAssimilation of Suomi NPP/CrIS radiance data into JMA’s global NWP systemJapan
Y. Murakami, M. KazumoriAssimilation of SSMIS humidity sounding channels into JMA’s global NWP systemJapan
R.J. Purser, M. Rancic, M. de Pondeca, D.F. ParrishCovariance operators on the equiangular gnomonic cubic gridUSA
R.J. Purser, X. Su, R. Yang, Y. ZhuDevelopments in variational quality controlUSA
M.Tsyrulnikov, A. RakitkoA Hierarchical Bayes Ensemble FilterRussia
A. Wada, M. Kunii, Y. Yonehara, K. SatoImpacts on local heavy rainfalls of surface winds measurement by seabirdsJapan
R. Yang, M. Pondeca, S. Levine, G. DiMego, J. Whiting, J. Carley, G. Manikin, A. GibbsDevelopment of a rapid-update real-time mesoscale analysis of ceiling and visibilityUSA

02.Data sets, diagnostic and dynamical investigations, statistical post-processing, reanalysis, and associated studies
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
M. Akperov, I.I. Mokhov, U. Tagiyeva, M. DembitskayaCyclone/anticyclone activity over the Caspian Sea basinRussia
G. Alekseev, S. Kuzmina, A. Urazgildeeva, and L. BobylevInfluence of atmospheric heat transport on amplification of winter warming in the ArcticRussia
G. Alekseev, S. Kuzmina, N. GlokInfluence of SST anomalies in low latitudes on atmospheric heat transport to the ArcticRussia
G. Alekseev, N. GlokInfluence of the Equatorial North Atlantic on sea ice shrinking in the ArcticRussia
A.V. Chernokulsky, I.I. MokhovCloudiness and sea ice mutual variations in the Antarctic: dependence on Antarctic oscillationRussia
M.S. Ivanov, I.I. Mokhov, A.I.Semenov, V.V.SumarokovComparison of temperature in the upper mesosphere from lidar measurements, satellite and model data and from ground-based measurements of hydroxyl emissionRussia
I.I. Mokhov, A.V. TimazhevTropical cyclones activity in the Western North Pacific Ocean: Relationship with ENSORussian Federation
A.PokhilBehaviour of ensembles in a rotating fieldRussia
N. P. Shakina, N. I. Komas’ko, A. R. IvanovaFrontogenesis in a tropospheric frontal zone: a case studyRussia
I. Simmonds, I. RudevaCan Arctic sea ice loss drive teleconnection patterns into the midlatitudes?Australia
I. Simmonds, I. Rudeva, D. CrockStrong links between the Southern Hemisphere subtropical ridge and frontal behaviourAustralia
M. Zhang, H. von Storch, D. LiThe effect of different criteria on tracking eddy in the South China SeaGermany

03.Computational studies including new techniques, parallel processing, GPUs. Effects of model resolution
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
F. Mesinger, K. VeljovicSystematic errors due to terrain-following coordinatesSerbia
R.G. PurserConformal localized-overset polyhedral global grids based on Riemann surfacesUSA

04.Parameterization of atmospheric and surface processes, effects of different physical parameterizations
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
K. ArakiEffect of Cloud Microphysics Scheme and Ice Nuclei on Forecasts for the September 2015 Heavy Rainfall Event in Kanto and Tohoku RegionsJapan
Z.N. BegumThe Effect of Radiative Forcings of Various Constituents of the Earth-Atmosphere on the Global Energy TransferIndia
P. Marquet, W. Maurel, R. HonnertOn consequences of measurements of turbulent Lewis number from observationsFrance
P. Marquet, S. BelamariOn new bulk formulas based on moist-air entropyFrance
P. MarquetThe impact of observed small turbulent Lewis number in stable stratification: changes in the thermal production?France
J.Olson, G.Grell, T.Smirnova, J.Kenyon, J.Brown, C.Alexander, S.BenjaminStormscale-mesoscale physics parameterization suite for the NOAA 3km HRRR and 13km RAP models and other applicationsUnited States
S. Yabu, T. Y. Tanaka, N.OshimaDevelopment of a multi-species aerosol-radiation scheme in JMA’s global modelJapan
H.Yonehara, T.Tokuhiro, R.Nagasawa, M.Ujiie, A.Shimokobe, M.Nakagawa, R.Sekiguchi,T. Kanehama, H. Sato, K. SaitouUpgrade of parameterization schemes in JMA’s operational global NWP modelJapan

05.Development of and studies with regional and convective-scale atmospheric models and ensembles
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
C.Alexander, S.Benjamin, D.Dowell, S.Weygandt, J.Brown, J.Olson, T.Smirnova, J.Kenyon, T.Ladwig, I.JankovHourly updated NOAA 3km High-Resolution Rapid Refresh modelUSA
D. Alferov, E. AstakhovaExperiments with stochastic perturbation of physical tendencies in the mesoscale convection-resolving ensemble COSMO-Ru2-EPSRussia
A. Hashimoto, N. Orikasa, T. Tajiri, M. MurakamiNumerical prediction experiment over the United Arab Emirates by using JMA-NHMJapan
A. Hashimoto, K. Yamada, N. Hirasawa, M. Niwano, T. AokiPrediction of Antarctic weather by JMA-NHM to support JAREJapan
A. Hashimoto, M. Niwano, T. Aoki, H. Motoyoshi, S. Yamaguchi, S. NakaiNumerical weather prediction experiment in collaboration with research activities in glaciology and snow disaster preventionJapan
J. McQueen, J. Huang, H. Huang, P. Lee, I. StajnerNOAA's National Air Quality Forecast Capability for ozone and fine particulate matterUSA
J. McQueen, B. Stunder, A. Stein, H. Huang, and I. StajnerNWS HYSPLIT atmospheric transport and dispersion modelingUSA
K. OnoConsistent Initial and Lateral Boundary Perturbations in Mesoscale Ensemble Prediction System at JMAJapan
E. Rogers, J. Carley, B. Ferrier, E. Aligo, G. Gayno, Z. Janjic, Y. Lin, S. Liu, G.P. Lou, M. Pyle, W.-S. Wu, Y. Wu, G. DiMegoUpgrades to the NCEP North American Mesoscale (NAM) SystemUSA
A.Wada, R. OyamaNumerical simulations of convective bursts occurred just before landfall of Typhoon Lionrock (2016)Japan
A. WadaSensitivity numerical simulations of Hurricane Patricia (2015) on lateral boundary conditions and inhibition rate of evaporationJapan
A. Wada, H. Tsuguti and H. YamadaNumerical simulations of shield-like precipitation pattern in the Eastern China Sea remotely enhanced by Typhoon Nepartak (2016)Japan
X. YangThe 2016 upgrade of the operational NWP at DMIDenmark

06.Developments in global forecast models, case studies, predictability investigations, global ensembles
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
M. RancicA scale separation method for application of fourth-order advection with physicsUSA
V. TallapragadaImplementaton of the NCEP GFS NEMSUSA

07.Global and regional climate models, sensitivity and impact experiments, response to external forcing, monthly and seasonal forecasting
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
S.N. Denisov, M.M. Arzhanov, M.G. Akperov, N.V. PankratovaEstimation of methane emissions from wetlands of Western Siberia and their uncertainty due to climatic noiseRussian Federation
M.Déqué, C.Ardilouze, L.Batté, L.Dorel, J.F.Guérémy and D.VolpiA new seasonal forecast system for Météo-France: features and performancesFrance
H. Kawai, S. Yukimoto, T. Koshiro, N. Oshima, T. Tanaka, H. YoshimuraImproved Representation of Clouds in Climate Model MRI-ESM2Japan
I.I. MokhovMultiple climatic regimes in transitional seasonsRussia
V.ParkhomenkoPaleoclimate modeling experimentsRussia
B.Schaaf, F.FeserThe effect of the Wadden Sea for very high resolution atmospheric regional climate modelsGermany

08.Development of and advances in ocean, sea-ice, and wave modelling and data assimilation
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
S. Flampouris, S.G. PennyModular data assimilation system for significant wave height: The example of local ensemble transform Kalman filter for the National Weather ServiceUSA
H.-C. Kim, A. Mehra, S. Nadiga, Z. Garraffo, S. Son, E. BaylerImplications of different ocean color products in a global ocean model: Sensitivity analysis for NINO3.4 regionUSA
V. Krasnopolsky, R. Campos, J.H. Alves, S. PennyUsing Neural Networks for Nonlinear Averaging NCEP Wave Model EnsembleUSA
T. Reitz, J.-S. von StorchOceanic internal waves internally generated in a 0.1° OGCMGermany

09.Development of and studies with coupled and Earth system models and data assimilation systems
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
G. Balsamo, K. Mogensen, S. Keeley, J.-R. Bidlot, S. Boussetta, E. Dutra, N. WediCoupling of oceans and land surfaces in the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System: Sensitivity and impact of diurnal and synoptic variability on medium-range skillUnited Kingdom
S.Sun, R.Bleck, S.Benjamin, G.Grell, B.GreenSubseasonal Forecast Skill of the FIM-iHYCOM Coupled ModelUnited States

10.Forecast verification: methods and studies
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
A. Bundel, A. MuravievThe contiguous rain area (CRA) method application for the Caucasus and Alpine regionsRussian Federation