The 2022 Blue Book, by list of authors

01.Assimilation of atmospheric and land observations. Data impact and sensitivity studies. Methodological advances
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
A.A.Belochitski, V.KrasnopolskyApplication of Neural Networks to Speed Up Calculations of Radiation Parameterizations in the NOAA Global Ensemble Forecast System and Global Data Assimilation System ensemblesUS
V.A.GordinLocalization of satellite dataRussia
M.HiguchiOperational Use of Shipborne GNSS-derived Precipitable Water Vapor in JMA’s Mesoscale NWP SystemJapan
Y.NakamuraImplementation of New Bias Correction Method for Aircraft Temperature with Kalman Filter in JMA’s Global NWP SystemJapan
K.NonakaOperational Use of GOES-17 Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs) in JMA's Global NWP SystemJapan
M.Rancic, R.J.Purser, M.PondecaEfficiency and Scaling of the Multigrid Beta Filter for Modeling Background Error CovarianceUS
K.Sawada, N. Seino, T. Kawabata, H. SekoEffects of an Urban Canopy Scheme and Surface Observation Data on a Heavy Rain Event through Data AssimilationJapan
H. Shimizu, M. KazumoriAddition of microwave humidity sounder radiance data to all-sky assimilation in the JMA global NWP systemJapan
S.Yokota, T.Banno, M.Oigawa, G.Akimoto, K.Kawano, Y.IkutaImplementation of hybrid 3DVar in JMA's local analysisJapan

02.Data sets, diagnostic and dynamical investigations, statistical post-processing, reanalysis,and associated studies
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
O.A. Aldukhov, I.V. ChernykhVertical macrostructure of first- and second-order trends of air temperature in the 0-30-km atmospheric layer from radiosonde observationsRussia
I.V. Chernykh, O.A. AldukhovIntra-annual Changes of Trends of the Number of Reconstructed Cloud Layers for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres from Radiosounding DataRussia
I.V. Chernykh, O.A. AldukhovVertical Distribution of Trends of Relative Humidity in the 0-30-km Atmospheric Layer over the Northern and Southern Hemispheres from Radiosounding DataRussia
V.A.Gordin, D.A.ShadrinFourier analysis of climate change in RussiaRussia
S. K. Mandke, A. PrabhuInterannual variability of ENSO indices and cloud amount over IndiaIndia
I.I.Mokhov, G.P.KlimovichChanges in the hydrological cycle in the Caspian Sea basin in recent decadesRussia
I.I. MokhovRegional temperature anomalies and accompanying processes in connection with the longest La Niña in 1908-1911Russia
I.I.Mokhov, A.V.MateshevaEstimates of the relationship between the atmospheric pressure variability and the frequency of hospitalizationsRussia
M. Parfenova, M. Arzhanov, I. I. MokhovSeasonal features of Snow Cover Extent variations in Eurasia in the annual course and their changes over the decadesRussia
A. Prabhu, S. K. MandkeCloud climatology from ISCCP dataIndia
A.ShishovAnalysis of deep convection distribution in the middle latitudes of Europe using satellite data and the European Severe Weather databaseRussia

03.Computational studies including new techniques, parallel processing, GPUs. Effects of model resolution
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
T.Kanehama, T.Takakura, H.Sugimoto, S.Urakawa, K.Sakamoto, H.NakanoOptimization of Meteorological Research Institute Community Ocean Model for Japan Meteorological Agency/Meteorological Research Institute Coupled Prediction System version 3 and beyondJapan

04.Parameterization of atmospheric and surface processes, effects of different physical parameterizations
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
M.Ek, W.Li, L.Nance, G.Firl, L.Bernardet, D.HeinzellerImproving the Earth System Model Development process via a Hierarchical System Development approach and use of the Common Community Physics PackageUS
T. Hertneky, W. Li, L. Xue, J. Dudhia, L. BernardetSimulations of Marine Boundary Layer Clouds Using the Common Community Physics Package Single-Column ModelUS
C.Matsukawa, Y.Kuroki, T.KanehamaOptimization of orographic drag parametrizations in the JMA operational global model using COORDE-type experimentsJapan
W.Wang, B.Liu, Z.Zhang, A.Mehra, V.TallapragadaImproving Low-level Wind Simulations of Tropical Cyclones by a Regional Hurricane Analysis and Forecast System US

05.Development of and studies with regional and convective-scale atmospheric models and ensembles
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
D. Blinov, A. Revokatova, I. Rozinkina, G. RivinEffect of the initial temperature field correction on weather parameters in the short-range numerical forecastRussia
A. Hashimoto, S. Nakai, M. Katsumata, S. HayashiNumerical simulation of the melting layer with a distorted bright band, observed on February 15, 2014, in JapanJapan
M.Sawada, Y.Kitamura, K.Matsubayashi, H.Kusabiraki, S.Nishimoto, T.Aikawa, Y.YamasakiExtending Forecast Range and Introducing an Ocean Mixed Layer Model in JMA’s Mesoscale NWP SystemJapan
K.Wu, X.Wu, V.Tallapragada, F.M.RalphAtmospheric River Analysis and Forecast System (AR-AFS): Atmospheric River Reconnaissance 2021 Dropsonde Data Impact Study on California Precipitation ForecastsUS
G.Zhao, M.Pondeca, M.Morris, E.Colon, R.Todling, J.CarleyThree-Dimensional Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis (3D-RTMA) Quality Assessment for Aviation ApplicationsUS

06.Developments in global forecast models, case studies, predictability investigations, global ensembles
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
R. Sekiguchi, Y. Ichikawa, K. Ochi, T. TakakuraHindcast verification of JMA’s GEPS for one-month predictionJapan
T.Takakura, K.Ochi, Y.Adachi, T.KomoriAssessing the feasibility for Atmosphere-Ocean Coupling of JMA’s Global Ensemble Prediction SystemJapan
X.Wu, K.Wu, V.Tallapragada, F.M.RalphAtmospheric River Reconnaissance 2021: Dropsonde Data Impact on GFSv16 Precipitation Forecasts for CaliforniaUS
H.Yamaguchi, Y.Adachi, S.Hirahara, Y.Ichikawa, T.Iwahira, Y.Kuroki, C.Matsukawa, R.Nagasawa, K.Ochi, R.Sekiguchi, T.Takakura, M.Ujiie, H.YoneharaUpgrade of JMA's Global Ensemble Prediction SystemJapan
G. Zängl, H. AnlaufAssimilation of 2-m temperatures and adaptive adjustment of uncertain model parameters building upon itGermany

07.Global and regional climate models, sensitivity and impact experiments, response to external forcing, monthly and seasonal forecasting
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
M.M.Arzhanov, S.N.DenisovEstimates of changes in soil thermal regime and methane emissions in the northern regions of Western Siberia in the 21st centuryRussia
S.N.Denisov, I.I.MokhovEstimates of contemporary natural carbon dioxide fluxes in Russia and their uncertainties based on CMIP6 ensemble dataRussia
H. Kawai, T. Koshiro, S. YukimotoCloud feedbacks in MRI-ESM2Japan
I.I. Mokhov, A.M. Osipov, A.V. ChernokulskyAtmospheric centers of action in the Northern Hemisphere: Possible changes in the 21st century from CMIP6 model simulationsRussia
Muryshev K.E., Eliseev A.V., Mokhov I.I., Timazhev A.V.Determining the cause-effect relationship between climatic variables based on time series: is it possible or not?Russia

08.Development of and advances in ocean, sea-ice, and wave modelling and data assimilation
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
H.C.Lee, D.KleistImpacts of Ocean Observing Systems in NCEP GODAS in the Tropical PacificUS
E.S.Nesterov, V.D.Zhupanov, A.V.FedorenkoModeling of the Caspian Sea ice on a seasonal scaleRussia
S.Paturi, J.Zhu, T.Sluka, G.Vernieres, A. van der Westhuysen, D.KleistReal-Time Extension of NOAA-NCEP Next Generation Global Ocean Data Assimilation System (NG-GODAS)US
S.Paturi, A.Bozec, E.Chassignet, A.vanderWesthuysen, D.KleistEvaluation of Ocean and Sea-ice Model States in a 20-year Spin-up of 1/4deg UFS DATM-MOM6-CICE6 and HYCOM-CICE4 ModelsUS
S.Ray, L.Stefanova, J.Wang, J.Meixner, A.MehraEffect of Higher Resolution and Advanced Atmospheric Physics Package on Week 3&4 Equatorial Thermocline ForecastsUS
Yu.D. Resnyanskii, А.А. Zelenko, V.N. Stepanov, and B.S. StrukovInfluence of Short-Period Variations of Atmospheric Forcing on Large-Scale Ocean DynamicsRussia

09.Development of and studies with coupled and Earth system models and data assimilation systems
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
A.Wada, W.Yanase, S.TsujinoNumerical simulations of Typhoon Chanthu (2021) by two nonhydrostatic atmosphere models and an atmosphere-wave ocean coupled modelJapan
A.Wada, W.Yanase, S.TsujinoNumerical simulations of Typhoon Rai (2021) by two nonhydrostatic atmosphere models and an atmosphere-wave ocean coupled modelJapan
A.WadaThe effects of oceanic initial conditions created from different reanalysis datasets on the intensity prediction of Typhoon Trami (2018)Japan

10.Forecast verification: methods and studies
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
R. Ashrit, A.DubeVerification of Ensemble Rainfall Forecasts over India: Application of CRA methodIndia
E.GillelandComparing the distance-based methodsUS
Y. Kubo, K. OchiVerification of JMA/MRI-CPS3 and JMA Global Ensemble Prediction System in the sub-seasonal forecastJapan