The final workshop of MesoVICT (Meso-scale Verification Inter-comparison over Complex Terrain), Vienna, 8-9 July 2019

Verification in complex terrain — Spatial Verification Methods and NWP Model
Performance -(MesoVICT — Final workshop).

The workshop marks the official end of organized MesoVICT  project activities.
The purpose of this workshop is:
— To present results of the MesoVICT project
— To discuss them with modelling groups
— To share new ideas on verification with specific focus on
 complex terrain
 additional parameters (e.g., wind)
— To discuss observation uncertainty
— To advance spatial verification methods for ensemble forecasts
— To identify remaining science questions and possible future collaborations including ideas for
follow-on projects
Timetable (tentative):
First announcement 30 Jan 2019
Second announcement 1 March. 2019
Deadline for short abstracts 15 April
Information about acceptance (drafted programme ready) 13 May
Early registration deadline 31 May
Meeting 8-9 July

More details including abstract submission, registration, venue and hotel information will shortly become available at the website: