Joint WGNE,WGSIP,S2S&OMDP session presentations

Pan-WCRP Modelling Groups Meeting and the 6th Session of the WCRP Modelling Advisory Council 
UK Met Office, Exeter, United Kingdom, 9‑13 October 2017
John McCormack:                                                                     SPARC Report to the Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE)
Oscar Alves, Craig Bishop, John Methven, Judith Berner:  PDEF:Probability Dynamics Ensemble Forecasting
William Merryfield, Mikhail Tolstykh,
Francisco Doblas-Reyes,Tamaki Yasuda, Woo-Sung Lee:  Initial Drifts/Shocks: WGSIP’s Long-Range Forecast Transient Intercomparison Project
Carla Cardinali,Daryl Kleist, et al.:                                         Data Assimilation & Observing Systems (DAOS)