Journal publications related to WGNE activity

1. Zadra, A., K. Williams, A. Frassoni, M. Rixen, A. F. Adames, J. Berner, F. Bouyssel, B. Casati, H. Christensen, M. B. Ek, G. Flato, Y. Huang, F. Judt, H. Lin, E. Maloney, W. Merryfield, A. van Niekerk, T. Rackow, K. Saito, N. Wedi, P. Yadav, 2017: 
«Systematic Errors in Weather and Climate Models: Nature, Origins, and Ways Forward»
Early publication online in BAMS. doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-17-0287.1 

The paper contains a list of the systematic errors identified and discussed during the 2017 WGNE workshop on systematic errors.