Recent and forthcoming workshops relevant to WGNE

6th WGNE workshop on systematic errors in weather and climate models
31 Oct — 04 Nov 2022

19th Workshop on high performance computing in meteorology
20 Sep — 24 Sep 2021

WCRP-WWRP Symposium on Data Assimilation and Reanalysis + ECMWF Annual Seminar on Observations
13-18 Sep2021 , virtual 

Joint ECMWF/OceanPredict workshop on Advances in Ocean Data Assimilation
17 May — 20 May 2021, online

WCRP Climate Research Forums
North and Central America  11 May 2021  (19:00-21:30 UTC)

International Radiation Symposium (IRS)  ( 6-10 July, 2020, Thessaloniki, Greece).

ECMWF Workshop: Stratospheric predictability and impact on the troposphere (ECMWF, UK,  18-21 November 2019).

Waves to Weather Annual Meeting:  (4-6 Nov 2019, Germany).  Dynamics and predictability across scales.  The three main Research Areas cover uncertainty/error growth at the synoptic and planetary scales, cloud scale processes and errors, and the downscale impact of errors on high impact weather events. 

19th Cyclone Workshop: (29 Sept to 4 Oct 2019, Germany). Synoptic-dynamic and mesoscale meteorology.  This workshop covers all topics related to dynamic meteorology, primarily from analysis and modelling perspectives (limited observational and data assimilation components).  Process studies of model errors and investigations of error growth rates in models are recurrent topics at the workshop. 

WGNE34: 24-27 September, DWD, Offenbach, Germany

ECMWF Annual Seminar, Subseasonal and seasonal forecasting: recent progress and future prospects, Reading, 2-5 September 2019

CPTEC will host the Winter School on Atmospheric Modeling with focus on dynamics,  22 July-2 August 2019

«Convection Parametrization: Progress and Challenges” workshop, Exeter, Met Office, 15-19 July 2019

ECMWF workshop: Energy spectra and vertical velocity of the Earth’s atmosphere, ECMWF, Reading, 27 June 2019

CESM Annual Workshop June 17-19 2019

ECMWF  workshop on observational campaigns for better weather forecasts (ECMWF, UK, 10-14 June 2019)

The 4th (annual) meeting of the WMO GAW Modelling Applications Science Advisory Group (APP SAG) will be held at WMO in Geneva, Switzerland on 27-29 May 2019.

The 2nd WCRP Summer School on Climate Model Development (CPTEC — INPE, Brazil,  22-31 January 2018)

The 5th International Conference on Reanalysis (ICR5) (Rome, Italy,13 — 17 November 2017).

The 13th workshop of the SPARC Data Assimilation Working Group   (ECMWF, UK. October 25-27 2017)

4th ICESM conference  ( Hamburg, 28 Aug — 1 Sep 2017)

The workshop on the “Future of Cumulus Parametrization”(Delft, 10-14 July 2017)

The workshop on ocean reanalyses and inter-comparisons ( Toulouse, France, 29-30 June 2017)

5th WGNE workshop on systematic errors in weather and climate models  (Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 19-23 June 2017)

The SOLAS-WCRP-ESA workshop on «Frontiers in ocean-atmosphere exchange: Air sea interface and fluxes of mass and energy» (Cargèse, Corsica, France, 15-18 May 2017)

Model uncertainty workshop (Reading, UK, 11-15 April 2016)

WWRP/WCRP/SPARC Blocking workshop (Reading, UK, 6-8 April 2016)