Pan-WCRP modelling meeting presentations

Pan-WCRP Modelling Groups Meeting and the 6th Session of the WCRP Modelling Advisory Council 
UK Met Office, Exeter, United Kingdom, 9‑13 October 2017

Plenary sessions

Breakout sessions

  • Modelling the regional climate — Regional and high-resolution global models
    Session organizers: B. Gutowski, J. Bacmeister

  • Earth System Modelling in WCRP — Needs from the physical system and opportunities for collaboration
    Session organizers: P. Friedlingstein, G. Krinner

  • Modelling infrastructure, data standards and protocols
    Session organizers: V. Balaji, K. Taylor

  • New observations and the use of models for designing developing observing systems
    Session organizers: C. Cardinali, D. Waliser

  • Diagnostics, metrics and evaluation
    Session organizers: P. Gleckler, M. Mittemaier

  • Towards seamless weather and climate predictions
    Session organizers: F. Vitart, K. Williams

  • Linking models to user communities
    Session organizers: A. Robertson, D. Jacob

  • Multi-model synthesis and associated uncertainties
    Session organizers: P. Doblas-Reyes, G. Flato

WGNE Sessions

Joint WGNE-WGCM Session

Joint WGNE-WGSIP&S2S Session


WMAC 6 Session

WGCM21 Session

19th WGSIP Session

6th S2S SG/LG Meeting

DCPP Panel Meeting