The 2021 Blue Book, by list of authors

01.Assimilation of atmospheric and land observations. Data impact and sensitivity studies. Methodological advances
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
Ph.L.BykovOptimal interpolation of inhomogeneous fields using neural networksRussia
A.Cheng, F.YangReplacing OPAC with MERRA2 Aerosols for the UFSUSA
T.Elless, X.Wu, V.TallapragadaIdentifying Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Targets Using Ensemble ForecastsUSA
K.Nonaka, S.KoyamatsuOperational Use of GOES-16 Atmospheric Motion Vector (AMV) and ScatSat-1/OSCAT Data in JMA’s Global NWP SystemJapan
I.OkabeOperational use of Himawari-8 CSR data of band 9 and 10 in JMA’s local NWP systemJapan
R.J.Purser, M.Rancic, M.PondecaMultigrid Beta Filter Scheme for Modeling Background Error Covariance in 3DRTMAUSA
M.Rancic, R.J.Purser, M.PondecaPlans to Estimate Adaptive Covariance Parameters Using a Neural NetworkUSA
Z.Sassi, N.Fourrié, C.Birman, V.GuidardAssimilation of satellite derived surface temperature over land in AROME-France modelFrance
K. Sawada, Y. HondaEffect of supersaturation constraint in a variational data assimilation systemJapan
K.Wu, X.Wu, V.TallapragadaA New Atmospheric River Quantification MetricUSA
X.Wu, V.Tallapragada, S.Lord, K.Wu, M.RalphImpact of Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Dropsonde Data on NCEP GFS Forecast: A Case StudyUSA
Y.Xia, H.Wei, M.D.Gaines, J.Meng, G.Gayno, H.Lei, R.Yang, Y.Wu, F.Yang, M.Barlage, D.T.Kleist, V.TallapragadaPreliminary Comparison and Evaluation of Soil Moisture Produced in the NCEP Global Land Data Assimilation System (GLDAS)USA
S.Yokota, T.Kadowaki, M.Oda, Y.OtaImproving ensemble-based background error covariances of the hybrid 4DVar in JMA’s global analysisJapan

02.Data sets, diagnostic and dynamical investigations, statistical post-processing, reanalysis,and associated studies
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
O.A. Aldukhov, I.V. ChernykhSpatiotemporal distributions of global trends of water vapour amount in the atmospheric layer 0-30 kmRussia
O.A. Aldukhov, I.V. ChernykhFirst and second-order trends of wind speed in the atmospheric layer 0-30 km on base of global aerological datasetsRussia
I. Chernykh, O. AldukhovTrends of the number of cloud layersRussia
R. DanielsonA distance correlation ratio of predictable componentsCanada
S. MandkeSome aspects of the weak rainfall spells of the Indian summer monsoon 2018India
I.I.Mokhov, N.N.MedvedevChanges of the El Niño quasi-cyclic dynamics from the analysis of phase portraitsRussia
I.I.Mokhov, A.V. TimazhevIntegral index of blocking activity in the atmosphere of Northern Hemisphere during last decadesRussia
I.I.Mokhov, D.A.SmirnovSensitivity of the surface air temperature in different NH latitudes to changes in anthropogenic forcing and natural climate modesRussia
A.G. Poroshenko, M.G. Akperov, I.I. MokhovPolar mesocyclones and their variability from STARS dataRussia
A. Prabhu, S. K. MandkeRelation of Eurasian snow with regional India summer monsoon rainfallIndia
A. ShishovA comparison of deep convection detection algorithms based on thresholding techniques applied to Meteosat-11 satellite data for European RussiaRussia
A.V. Timazhev, I.I. MokhovHeat and cold waves formation in association with atmospheric blockings in the Northern HemisphereRussia

03.Computational studies including new techniques, parallel processing, GPUs. Effects of model resolution
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
W.Wang, H.S.Kim, L.Zhu, B.Liu, Z.Zhang, A.Mehra, V.TallapragadaImpact of Nest Domain Size on the Track Forecast of TC Sarai (2019) by HWRF ModelUSA

04.Parameterization of atmospheric and surface processes, effects of different physical parameterizations
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
J. Chiba, H. KawaiImproved SST–shortwave radiation feedback using an updated stratocumulus parameterizationJapan
R.Honnert, R.El KathibFirst and second derivatives for future use in AROME physicsFrance
P.MarquetComputation of moist-air surface entropy at Mauna Loa.France
P.Marquet, A.BaileyComparisons of H2O pathways with moist isentropes.France
I.I.Mokhov, A.G.PoroshenkoPolar Lows: Statistical relationship between size and durationRussia
R. NagasawaImpact of ice cloud treatment on the OLR in the radiation calculation of JMA global NWP modelJapan

05.Development of and studies with regional and convective-scale atmospheric models and ensembles
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
K. Ishii, T. Shimbori, R. Kai, Y. Hasegawa, Y. Hayashi, H.TsuchiyamaImprovement of volcanic ash cloud prediction in the Tokyo Volcanic Ash Advisory CenterJapan
T.Kakehata, M.Kunii, K.Kawano, H.KawadaUpgrade of JMA’s Mesoscale Ensemble Prediction SystemJapan
H.Kusabiraki, Y.Kitamura, M.Sawada, K.Matsubayashi, S.NishimotoIncreasing Vertical Resolution and Updating Physical Processes in JMA’s Regional NWP SystemJapan
A.Revokatova, M.Nikitin, G.Rivin, I.Rozinkina, A.Nikitin, E.TatarinovichSimulation of polar lows over Norwegian and Barents seas using the COSMO-CLM and ICON models for the 2019–2020 cold seasonRussia
G.Rivin, I.Rozinkina, E.Astakhova, D.Blinov, A.Bundel’, N.Chubarova, I.Gorlach, A.Kirsanov, M.Shatunova, D.Alferov, M.Varentsov, T.Samsonov, D.Zakharchenko, Ph.Bykov, J.Khlestova, V.Kopeykin, M.Nikitin, A.Poliukhov, A.Revokatova, E.TatarinovichCOSMO-Ru System: Status and Scientific Projects Including Testing of ICON-NWPRussia
T. Shimbori, K. Ishii, R. Kai, Y. Hasegawa, Yo.Hayashi, Yu.HayashiRenewal of the JMA Atmospheric Transport Model on the Volcanic Ash Advisory and Ash Fall Forecast Distribution SystemJapan

06.Developments in global forecast models, case studies, predictability investigations, global ensembles
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
Z.N. BegumModeling of Chemical Tracer Transport in the Atmospheric Environment and its Impact on the Global ClimateIndia
I.I.MokhovAssociated with Pacific Decadal Oscillation regional natural hazards like Amur River record flood in 2013 and oceanic red tide near Kamchatka Peninsula in 2020Russia
I.I. MokhovPredictability of seasonal temperature anomalies in the North Eurasian regions in the La Niña conditionsRussia
M.Ujiie, M.Higuchi, T.Kadowaki, Y.Kuroki, K.Kiyaoka, M.Oda, K.Ochi, R.Sekiguchi, H.Shimizu, S.Yokota, H.YoneharaUpgrade of JMA’s Operational Global NWP systemJapan
X.Wu, D.Kleist, V.Tallapragada, F.Yang, J.A.SippelImpact of Aircraft High-Density Observations on GFSv16 Tropical Cyclone ForecastsUSA
H.Yamaguchi, M.Ikegami, T.Iwahira, K.Ochi, R.Sekiguchi, T.TakakuraUpgrade of JMA's Global Ensemble Prediction SystemJapan
X.Zhou, H.M.JuangThe Global Forecast System Model Instability Issue and Potential SolutionsUSA

07.Global and regional climate models, sensitivity and impact experiments, response to external forcing, monthly and seasonal forecasting
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
M.M.Arzhanov, I.I.Mokhov, M.R.ParfenovaNorthern Hemisphere snow cover sensitivity to temperature changes in the CMIP6 model ensembleRussia
S.Denisov, I.MokhovEffects of natural GHG emissions under climate changes due to anthropogenic scenarios in the 21st century: Model estimatesRussia
A.V.Eliseev, I.I.Mokhov, M.R.ParfenovaChanges of navigation period at the North Sea Route in the 21st century from the CMIP5 ensemble simulations: Bayesian estimatesRussia
V.A.GordinAbout some climatic change in RussiaRussia
S.K. Mandke, A. PrabhuEurasian winter snow variability in the future warming scenarios of CCSM4/CMIP5India
I.I.Mokhov, A.V.Chernokulsky, A.M. OsipovAtmospheric centers of action in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres: Tendencies of change in the 21st century from model simulationsRussia
K.E.Muryshev, A.V.Eliseev, I.I.Mokhov, S.N.Denisov, M.M.Arzhanov, A.V.Timazhev, A.I.NarizhnayaInfluence of climate system nonlinearity on the time lag between changes in global temperature and atmospheric CO2 contentRussia

08.Development of and advances in ocean, sea-ice, and wave modelling and data assimilation
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
J.Cummings, Z.Garraffo, D.Iredell, S.Paturi, Y.Hao, T.Spindler, B.Alasubramanian, A.MehraOcean Data Impacts in the Real Time Ocean Forecast System: RTOFS-v2USA
J.Kim, Y.C.Teng, G.Vernieres, T.Sluka, S.Paturi, Y.Hao, D.Worthen, B.Li, J.Wang, J.S.Zhu, H.C.Kim, D.KleistNOAA-NCEP Next Generation Global Ocean Data Assimilation System (NG-GODAS)USA
X.Liu, J.Kim, A.Mehra, D.Kleist, G.Vernieres, H.C.Kim, E.BaylerImplementation of Ocean Biogeochemical Modeling and Ocean Color Data Assimilation within NOAA/NCEP’s Next-Generation Global Ocean Data Assimilation System (NG-GODAS)USA
S.Paturi, Y.Hao, J.KimData Used in Global Ocean Modeling and Data Assimilation Systems at NOAA/NCEPUSA
B.S.Strukov, Yu.D.Resnyanskii, А.А.Zelenko, V.N.StepanovVariability of water and heat exchanges through the Bering Strait in numerical experiments with the NEMO/SI3 model assimilating observational dataRussia
Y.C.Teng, J.Kim, T.Sluka, D.KleistImplementation of Forcing-Bias Correction for the JEDI-Based Next Generation Global Ocean Data Assimilation System (NG-GODAS)USA

09.Development of and studies with coupled and Earth system models and data assimilation systems
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
O.Marti, S.Nguyen, P.Braconnot, S.Valcke, F.Lemarié, E.BlayoDiagnosing the ocean-atmosphere coupling schemes by using a mathematically consistent Schwarz iterative methodFrance
A.Wada, W. YanaseNumerical simulations of the rapid weakening of Typhoon Haishen (2020) by a coupled atmosphere-wave ocean modelJapan
A.WadaAtmosphere-wave-ocean coupled-model ensemble simulation on rapid intensification of Typhoon Hagibis (2019)Japan
A.Wada, W. YanaseNumerical simulations of Typhoon Haishen by a coupled atmosphere-wave ocean model with two different oceanic initial conditionsJapan
A.WadaRainfall simulations of Typhoon Mangkhut (2018) landfalling in the PhilippinesJapan
J.Wang, D.Worthen, B.Liu, M.Ji, B.Curtis, D.Jovic, D.Heinzeller, L.Pan, S.Moorthi, S.Sun, B.W.Green, M.Vertenstein, A.Craig, G.Theurich, R.Mahajan, A.ChawlaDevelopment of UFS Coupled Model InfrastructureUSA

10.Forecast verification: methods and studies
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
B.Casati, E.Mekis, M.KøltzowAdjustment of wind induced solid precipitation undercatch in operational verification practicesCanada