The 2016 Blue Book, by list of authors

01.Atmospheric data assimilation schemes, analysis and initialization, data impact studies, observing system experiments
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
K. Araki, M. Murakami, T. Kato, T. TajiriDiurnal Variation of Thermodynamic Environments for Convective Cloud Development around the Central Mountains in Japan during Warm SeasonsJapan
K. Araki, M. Murakami, H. Ishimoto, T. TajiriThe 1-Dimentional Variational Approach to Improve Thermodynamic Profiles in Low-Level Troposphere during Rain ConditionsJapan
K. Araki, M. MurakamiValidation of Vertical Thermodynamic Profiles by Cloud Base Temperature Obtained from a Ground-Based Infrared Radiometer in a Mountain Region of Central Japan during Warm SeasonsJapan
J. Fukuda, T. Tsukamoto, T. FujitaImprovement of JMA’s Meso-scale Analysis background errorsJapan
Y.IkutaData assimilation using GPM/DPR at JMAJapan
M. KazumoriAssimilation of GPM microwave imager data in JMA's NWP systemsJapan
M. KazumoriAssimilation of Himawari-8 clear sky radiance data in JMA's NWP systemsJapan
M. KazumoriAssimilation of Megha-Tropiques/SAPHIR radiance data in JMA's global NWP systemJapan
E.KlimovaStochastic ensemble Kalman filter with ensemble generation using a square root form: ensemble π-algorithmRussia
Y.KosakaAssimilation of surface pressure in METARJapan
M.MoriyaOperational use of ASCAT ocean vector wind data in JMA’s mesoscale NWP systemJapan
M. Pondeca, S. Levine, R. Yang, A. Gibbs, J. Carley, G. Manikin,C.Guastini, Y. Lin, J. Purser, X. Su, J. Whiting, D. Parish, G. DimegoDevelopment Progress on the real Time Mesoscale (RTMA) and UnRestricted Mesoscale Analysis (URMA) Systems at NCEP/EMCUSA
H.SakoAssimilation of JMA high-resolution radiosonde observation data into the mesoscale 4D-Var data assimilation systemJapan
H. Seko, T. Yoshihara and A. SenoguchiData assimilation experiment of SSR mode-s downlink dataJapan
L.Torrisi, F.MarcucciThe Italian Air Force Met Service Operational NWP SystemItaly
K.YamashitaAssimilation of Himawari-8 atmospheric motion vectors into JMA’s operational global, mesoscale and local NWP systemsJapan

02.Data sets, diagnostic and dynamical investigations, statistical postprocessing, multi-year reanalyses and associated studies
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
M.Akperov,A.Rinke, I.Mokhov, D.Handorf, K.DethloffCyclone activity in the Arctic from an ensemble of regional climate models (Arctic CORDEX)Russia
M. Akperov, I. MokhovPolar lows over Nordic seas from satellite observations and reanalysis dataРоссия
I.Mokhov, M.Akperov, M.DembitskayaLapse-rate feedback assessment from reanalysis dataRussia
I.I. Mokhov, A.V. TimazhevClimate anomalies and tendencies of change in Lake Baikal basinRussian Federation
A.E.Pokhil, I.A.GorlachBlocking synoptic pattern: formation of “small” eddies in troposphere.Russia
A.E.PokhilNumerical simulations of “small” eddies formation in the atmosphereRussia
A. TimazhevFrequency of blocking anticyclones in the Northern Hemisphere from RIHMI data: Interannual variabilityRussian Federation

03.Computational studies including new techniques, the effect of varying model resolution, parallel processing
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
T.KatoInfluence of horizontal resolution on structure change of atmospheric stratification in the 2015 Hiroshima heavy rainfallJapan

04.Parameterization of important atmospheric and surface processes, effects of different parameterizations
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
K. ArakiInfluence of Cloud Microphysics Scheme and Ice Nuclei on Forecasting a Heavy Snowfall Event in Japan associated with theJapan
T. Komori, A. ShimpoImprovement of MJO prediction and moistening processes for the DYNAMO periodJapan
P. MarquetThe mixed-phase version of moist-air entropy.France
J. Wang, S. Lu, X. Zhang, S. Kondragunta, A. da Silva, J. McQueen, P. Bhattacharjee, S. Moorthi, A. Harris, P. Koner, Y-T. Hou, V. TallapragadaThe implementation of NEMS GFS Aerosol Component (NGAC) Version 2: Global aerosol forecasting at NCEP using satellite-based smoke emissionsUSA
Y. YamadaDevelopment of a two-moment three-ice bulk microphysical model for iceJapan

05.Development of and studies with regional and smaller-scale atmospheric models, regional ensemble, monthly and seasonal forecasting
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
L.-P. Caron, C. A. Mehta, J. M. Collins, A.-S. DalozProspects of hurricane variability analysis in dynamically downscaled tropical cyclone simulationsSpain
G.P. Lou, Q. Liu, E. Rogers, G. DiMego,D. JovicTropical storm relocation in the North American Model (NAM)USA
J. McQueenNOAA's National Air Quality Forecast Capability for ozone and fine particulate matterUSA
J. McQueenNWS HYSPLIT atmospheric transport and dispersion modelingUSA
V. Tallapragada and the team of the Global Climate and Weather Modeling Branch, Environmental Modeling CenterUpgrade of the NCEP GFS to a 4D Hybrid Ensemble Variational Data AssimilationUSA
M. Tsyrulnikov, D.GayfulinA spatio-temporal Stochastic Pattern Generator for use in ensemble prediction and ensemble data assimilationRussia
Y. Wu, M. EkImprove and maintain LSM in NAMUSA

06.Developments in global forecast models, case studies, predictability, investigations, global ensemble, monthly and seasonal forecasting
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
L. Auger, E. Bazile, L. Berre, P. Brousseau, Y. Bouteloup, F. Bouyssel, N. Boullot, P. Cébron, P. Chambon, G. Desroziers, R. El Khatib, G. Faure, C. Fischer, V. Guidard, F. Guillaume, A. Joly, C. Labadie, C. Loo, J.F. Mahfouf, P. Marguinaud, P. Marquet, A. Mary, N. Merlet, L.F. Meunier, Y. Michel, P. Moll, C. Payan, J.M. Piriou, D. Ricard, Y. Seity, F. Taillefer, F. Voitus, E. Wattrelot, K. YessadThe 2015 upgrades of the Météo-France NWP systemFrance
H-M.H. JuangImproving spherical harmonic coefficients for the fine resolution NCEP global atmospheric spectral modelingUSA
I.I. Mokhov, A.V. TimazhevSummer climate anomalies in the Northern Eurasia during intra-annual transitions from El Niño to La NiñaRussian Federation
I.I. Mokhov, A.V. TimazhevWeather-climate anomalies in Russian Regions: El Nino-associated predictabilityRussian Federation

07.Global and regional climate models, sensitivity and impact experiments, response to external forcing
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
S. N. Denisov, M.G. Akperov, M. M. Arzhanov, A.V. Eliseev, V.S. Kazantsev, N.V. Pankratova, M.A. Dembitskaya, Yu.A.Shtabkin,E.V. BerezinaChanges in wetland methane emissions in the IAP RAS global model under RCP anthropogenic scenariosRussia
M. Déqué, A. Alias, S. Somot, O. NuissierClimate change and extreme precipitation: the response by a convection-resolving modelFrance
I.I. Mokhov, A.V. TimazhevChanges of atmospheric blockings in the 21st century from CMIP5 ensemble simulations with RCP scenariosRussian Federation
E.D.Nadyozhina,I.M.Shkolnik, A.V.Sternzat, R.S.BortkovskiiSpatiotemporal structure of changes in carbon dioxide and oxygen fluxes through the surface of Arctic seas in changing climateRussian Federation
I.Shkolnik,T.Pavlova, S.EfimovDangerous hydrological events in future climate as projected by an ensemble of high resolution RCM for northern EurasiaRussian Federation
N.S.SidorenkovThe schedule of the Mul'tanovskii's synoptic periodsRussian Fedefation

08.Development of and advances in ocean modelling and data assimilation, sea-ice modelling, wave modeling
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
S. Flampouris, J.-H. Alves, M. Pondeca, J. WhitingInclusion of significant wave height analysis to NCEP's Unrestricted Mesoscale Analysis (URMA)USA
Z.D. Garrafo, P. Hogan, A. Mehra, I. Rivin, B. Balasubramaniyan, T. Spindler, H-C. Kim, S. PaturiSurface heat flux corrections for global ocean forecastsUSA
H-C. Kim, A. Mehra, S. Nadiga, Z. Garraffo, S. SonSimulated global HYCOM (GBLa0.24) results from various ocean color forcings: Preliminary results from sensitivity analysisUSA
V. Krasnopolsky, S. Nadiga, E. Bayler, A. Mehra, D. BehringerConsistent Ocean Color and its Assimilation in Ocean ModelsUSA
B. Li, A. Mehra, E. BaylerSMOS satellite sea-surface salinity data: Impact on upper-ocean modelingUSA
T. Spindler, A. Mehra, D. SpindlerApplying multi-model superensemble methods to global ocean operational systemsUSA

09.Development of and studies with coupled ocean-atmosphere models
Author(s)Paper titleCountry
H-S. Kim, D. Iredell, S. Trahan, A. MehraThe impact of ocean conditions on the Hurricane Blanca (2015) Forecasts with a coupled modelUSA
A. Wada, M. KuniiThe effect of predicted oceanic conditions on the assimilation of Typhoon Sinlaku (2008)Japan
A. WadaIdealized storm evolution and the difference between the eastern and the western North Pacific calculated by an atmosphere-wave-ocean coupled modelJapan
A. WadaComparison of numerical simulations of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and Typhoon Mike in 1990Japan
A. WadaTyphoon Man-yi in 2013 simulated by an atmosphere-wave-ocean coupled model with 1.2-km horizontal resolutionJapan
A. WadaExtremely deepening of central pressures for Typhoon Neoguri in 2014 simulated by an atmosphere-wave-ocean coupled model and its dependency on the horizontal resolution.Japan

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